Improve Your Page Rank Using Generic Anchor

Tuesday 26 November 2013 kl. 04:22

The single aim in web marketing

There is this single minded goal in web marketing and in any businesses around the world. That single goal or aim is called popularity. Many businessmen and other business establishments such companies, stores and manufacturers are aiming to become popular. In the field of internet marketing, the way to become popular is through the improvement of your page rank on search engines. These can be improved using back links and hyperlinks that be converted into texts or group of words or a sentence. With these, when a person clicks on that particular link it will be transferred to another site which is targeted on that particular link, that will produce instant traffic if more people will click on that particular link, word or phrase.

The use of keywords

The use of right keywords is important but there are common words that can be used that are commonly effective in encouraging people to click on it. This is called the generic anchor. These are common words just like the words “click here”, “download now”, “free registration” and such which are effective in making people click them out of curiosity which will directly send them to a particular site. These words are hyperlinked and can directly transfer you to the targeted web address.

This is best for business

This method is very effective and it is good for businesses in order to increase your page rank on search engines. Make sure that you put your anchor on popular sites or sites that generate more traffic so that you will surely get an increase on page ranks. Once your page rank is increased, you will have more change of getting more traffic if the keywords that they put on the search engine closely relates to your site.

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